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2022 Fall Guide Right College Tours

On Tuesday October 25, 2022, for the first outing since 2019 (COVID-19 forced us to cancel 2020 & 2021) 

The Diamond Youth Foundation's Guide Right program toured Illinois Institute of Technology, for the first of two, Fall College Tours. We took 80 students and 5 chaperones, from our 5 Guide Right schools.  We were exposed to the history and architecture of the university and an extensive walking tour. With ESports (gaming) as a co-sponsor of the Youth Tech Expo, some of our students experienced gaming,  3D printing, laser cutting, and also bowling and billiards. Lunch was Connies Pizza, supplied by IIT. This was clearly one of the most comprehensive tours that we have had, for a single day event.  

For the second of two Fall College Tours on November 29, 2022, we toured Northwestern University.  We took 32 students and 5 chaperones, from our 5 Guide Right schools. As you may know, Northwestern University is in

the top 10 in the nation, providing stellar academic credentials and a stunning lakefront campus. It is totally breathtaking and awe-inspiring, while presenting a believable image, of being tough but supportive and of being financially accessible, with aid going to 64% of its students. Our Guide Right students (5) confirmed their interest in the school, where before the tour, they thought the school to be unattainable. 


Guide Right planned additional compliments, to the standard one hour walking tour and half-hour admissions and Q & A sessions. We ate lunch at the Norris Student Center and reserved a room for a "Black Student Panel", which included a recent past DYF scholarship winner, a Student Affairs Administrator, and Polemarch and Brother of Theta Chapter. This was an unbelievable hit with our Guide Right students.

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